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Parity memory blue screen NMI error

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NMI Parity Memory Check Error

***The system has halted***

I downloaded burned to iso, booted and ran the windows memory diagnostic tool.

It completed all 6 tests and no errors.

I have been clearing hard drive space and im going to defrag and all that.

Is there another place the problem could lie?

Only change is that i got cable internet, i had some crappy 4g and switch to this thats the only difference.

Any ideas?

Could a faulty crossover cable do this?


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  1. There are really only 3 things that could cause this error.
    1. Memory
    2. Motherboard.
    3. Power supply.

    There is no way a bad crossover cable could cause this.
    Memory problems are often intermittent and may only occur under certain conditions. To be sure that memory is OK you must run the test for a considerable length of time, such as overnight. A quck test means next to nothing for this problem.

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