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ATT Modem/Routers Die!!! Can I Use Another?

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Thanks in advance for the advice!

I have (supposedly) 6mbps DSL. Two years ago I signed up for service and was provided with an AT&T; “2-Wire” router. In less than 5 months…it died. Then, they replaced it with another AT&T; “2-Wire” router and it died a few months later. So, just before my 1-year warranty expired, the AT&T; tech replaced my router with a business class router called a Motorola Netopia-3000.

Now, you must understand I do not have any home phones. My DSL line is dedicated and runs straight to my PC. For this reason, I don’t have phone line filters, etc. However, my DSL speed fluctuates ALL DAY LONG from between my full 6MB to as low as 100kbps!!! That’s right, much slower than dial up! I called AT&T; and they sent out a tech. He checked everything over and said everything looked fine but, for good measure, I might wish to replace the phone line coming in to the house with good CAT-5 cable. I did.

Now, I have the same issue. One minute my speed is blazing fast…then it drops to nothing! So, I called AT&T; again and they tell me that they “rebuilt” the network to the house (remotely) and that everything is great! I told them I still had the problem and they informed me that since the problem shows on three different computers, it must be a problem with the Netopia-3000 router!

For a mere $100.00 they say they can replace my router for a 4th time and charge me a service call to install it!

I don’t want to keep purchasing routers that die in less than a year!!!

So, finally, here is my question…can I purchase another brand? Can I buy my own router/wireless combo by a brand like Linksys? If I do, will I be able to configure it to work with AT&T; or will there be some sort of compatibility issue? Is a router that is out of the box easily configured to work with DSL or will I need to be really tech savy?

I just need help and am tired of blowing money on AT&T;!




2 Answers

  1. I agree that the products ATT offer stink but 4 may indicate some other issue.
    What the service tech would or should have done was to use their tablet computer to connect to the service point outside your home. They do simple speed tests to common web sites. The actual field techs don’t really have much training. They may be able to do a tdr on the line but if that is clean it would still be anything from the slice at the end of the block to any part of their network.

    Unless you have some stable known source to provide a stream it might be hard to prove to them a problem.

    I’d keep after them. Took me 2 years to get my line fixed and they had a hard time trying to fool me. They did try and I am sure they pull that stuff on customers all day long.

    Yes, you can purchase your own device.

    I think I’d be inclined to force them to fix it, Normal products tend to have a year warranty I’d think.

    They don’t have to install it. Just have them send you one.

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  2. I’m not so sure that speed variations are so rare. Mine has been down to dial up speed at times. It seems to be related to either specific websites, or the level of traffic on the internet or your server. Some servers are better than others too.
    Replace the router with a different brand and I guess you’ll find out whether it is the above or not.

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