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Solved Continuous Beep , No Display/Boot

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i was trying to use my win98, it turned on with a very loud fan noise from the psu, still able to see display on the screen but did not boot, got a message about CMOS, so i went to BIOS and load all default settings then save, i was really bothered by the sound of the psu so i turned off the pc and turn it back ON…
this time i only hear a continuous beep, no fan noise anymore since its not turning but cpu/hd fans are..
thought that the prob is with the psu, so i bought a new one, psu/cpu/hd fans are now turning, but still hear the continuous beep with no display/boot
remove video card, sound card, FDD, HDD – continuous beep
ram and cpu only – continuous beep
remove cpu fan – continuous beep
remove ram – continuous beep
remove the cpu – no beep
reseated all card without cpu – no beep
if with cpu – continuous beep

– beep would only stop if cpu is removed, does it mean that the cpu got fried or maybe it happened after i loaded all the bios default setting.. thinking of replacing the cmos battery.. help!


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  1. Just in case, clean the RAM edge connectors with a pencil eraser then pop the memory in and out a few times to clear oxide of the sockets themselves.

    I realise you have already been that way to some extent but oxide on edge connectors often gives problems when a computer has not been used for some time. You could do the same for the video card while you are at it.

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