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Windows 2000 Setup Will Freeze At Starting Windows Or …

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I have an aspire one ZG5. The bios has been updated and unlocked so i’m able to access the advance ide settings as well as the other settings “I had this same problem before I even upgraded the bios or removed the 8 gb ssd”.

As I said it will freeze at “Starting Windows” or it will BSOD with the inaccessible_boot_device error. It does the same when I disable the ide/sata controllers so my hard drive isn’t started and as I mention the same problem.

Right now it has a laptop sata drive hooked up which functions fine as windows XP is running smoothly on it. How ever no matter what I try to do I can’t get the windows setup to install. I tried sp4 cd as well as an iso and I still get no wheres with it.

If someone can help me out with this I really appreciate it.

Thank you


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  1. Well your bound to get the same error when you disable the SATA ports, so that doesn’t help you diagnose the cause of the problem one little bit.

    inaccessible_boot_device error when booting from an optical drive could indicate that the optical drive is faulty.

    inaccessible_boot_device error when booting from hard drive could indicate that the hard drive is faulty.

    You can test the optical drive on a different computer.

    You can test any make of hard drive (under 3TB) with the Hitachi Drive Fitness Test diagnostic software which loads from a bootable CD or floppy. Download CD Image or Floppy Disk Creator here:…

    If you choose the CD Image, you can create a bootable CD from it with ImgBurn:…

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