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Solved KERNEL32.dll When I Start Any Applicaiton

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When I start any application on my system I get an kernel32 error below is an example:

The procedure entry point RemoveVectoredExceptionHandler could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll.

Once I click past the error (twice) the application starts. This happens for all applications I attempt to run.


1 Answer

  1. I’m running windows 2000.
    I know. Whatever else starts when you start a program is trying to use a WinXP feature. If you were running WinXP/Vista/Win7, you wouldn’t see an error. You’re not, so you do.

    this happened about a year ago.
    You’re the type who leaves their Check Engine light on, aren’t you? 🙁
    Advice still applies. Uninstall whatever it is you installed about a year ago. If no one installed anything, you’ve been infected for about a year.

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