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Solved CHKDSK /F Windows 2000

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My win 2k pro dosen’t work. every time i turrn it on the screen goes blue and it says
“if this is the first time you’ve seen this stop error screen, restart your computer. if this this screen appears again, follow thses steps:
check for viruses on your computer, remove any newly instales hard drives or hard drive controllers. chesck you hard drive run CHKDSK /F to check for hard drive corruption,and then restart you computer.
refer to your getting started manual for more information on troubleshooting stop errors.”
I know it says what to do but the thing is i cant get off the screen i have to restart my computer then it comes up again. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME?


1 Answer

  1. First I would check for a (possibly) failed or failing hard drive using the drive maker’s diagnostic software (the DOS version). Links are here:…

    You need to download the DOS version which contains an ISO file. Create a CD from this file with IMGBurn from here:

    The CD you made is bootable, so boot your PC from it to run the drive test.

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