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Can a New Computer Run a Windows 2000 OS?

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I was told that new computers have hardware (IDE / mother boards) that is not compatible with running the Windows 2000 OS. is this true?


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  1. The problem is that Windows 2000 does not have drivers for modern hardware. How can a CD produced in 2000 have drivers for hardware that would not exist until years later? If the hardware was sufficiently popular the manufacturer may provide Windows 2000 drivers, but considering the very small user base that Windows 2000 currently has that is unlikely.

    If you are attempting to install Windows 2000 on a new computer you are likely going to have trouble obtaining drivers, if they are available at all. This is an even more serious problem with laptops.

    A better option would be to install a modern OS, such as Windows 7. If you really must run Windows 2000 you can then install a virtual machine such as VirtualPC or VirtualBox and install Windows 2000 on that.

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