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My Computer Screen Is Constantly Grey Tinted

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Similar situation to post from July 10, 2013. Computer runs the same as before but the color is mostly just grey. The problem is CONSTANT. Lenovo G510 computer (originally ran Windows 7 now upgraded to Windows 10) Computer was in trunk of car during extreme heat for 2 days. Also used a 2 prong converter to plug in computer in Europe. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling Intel 4600 graphics card. Didn’t help. Any suggestions?


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  1. “computer screen shows”
    Not sure how to read that. I assume you mean that the results are perfect on the TV.

    Difficult to be definite but the graphics card (well, chip) is still in use when plugged into the TV so the best bet is that the fault is screen related. It could be the screen itself or maybe a faulty cable which connects it to the computer or even a loose connector at either end.

    A long shot but see if the symptom changes as you lower the lid because cables can give trouble at the hinge due to wear.

    Always pop back and let us know the outcome – thanks

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