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Solved Increase Dedicated Video RAM Without BIOS

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how to change the dedicated video ram without accessing BIOS i dont have a option for graphics
in my BIOS toshiba i want to change my video card but cant i am having Intel hd graphics 3000
i Toshiba computer wiht 2.4ghz processor
i am having 8GB ram which was 2GB upgraded it
please help and please provide a solution for this


1 Answer

  1. Desktop or laptop? Model number?

    The HD 3000 isn’t a graphics “card”, it’s integrated into the processor. It has no memory, it shares system RAM. If there’s no way to increase or decrease the “dedicated” memory in the BIOS, there’s nothing you can do. And even if you can, it won’t do much to increase graphics performance because the HD 3000 is the limiting factor. If you have a desktop computer, I suggest you upgrade to an actual video card.…

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