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Asus IV Extreme Drivers Designed For Use With Windows 10

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Hello all,

Im after soon advice/guidance if possible please

I will soon be receiving my upgrade copy of Windows 10 (soon i hope). I Will probably upgrade immediately and then opt to install a fresh (reset) copy of Win 10. However i am a little concerned about the availability of drivers for my Asus motherboard.

From the Asus website (below) the only two available drivers under Windows 10 64 bit are for the chipset and Audio drivers, however what about the LAN drivers?…

Usually i would just go ahead and install the prvious OS’s drivers so in the case Windows 8.1, but i am unsure if this will be ok in this instance, any thoughts please?

Thank you


1 Answer

  1. So i couldnt wait any longer for MS to push my Windows to be so i opted to download it myself using their download tool.…

    I perfomed an upgrade install which went really well, however some devices didnt work straight away, but in the background Windows was downloading and updating and eventually it all worked.

    First impressions, im very happy with the speed at which Windows boots, not too happy with the GUI of Windows i wish it was more like 7.

    In the near future i will be performing a fresh install so hopefully the drivers that Asus are not providing MS updates or the older Win 8.1 drivers will work.

    Will keep you guys posted

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