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Unknown Connections To This Computer

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So I set up a rule in PeerBlock to observe certain things.

I blocked all the local IP numbers on my network (ranging from –, except for which is this computer’s IP number, and, which is the router’s IP number). So PeerBlock blocks 2 unknown IP numbers ( & attempting to connect using port 137. Sometimes it’s only once every moment, and sometimes 4 to 5 times within a few seconds or so.

I went to the router’s settings (at, yet those two IP numbers are Not listed in the devices that are connected to the router.

So what are these devices and why do they keep attempting to connect to this computer?

Thank you for reading/helping me with this.


2 Answers

  1. The fact that the computer is manufactured by HP doesn’t mean that it’s motherboard is. Either it’s made by Asus for HP or the NIC is.
    Ping times of <1 ms are perfectly normal on a lightly used LAN. There is nothing untoward in your network.

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  2. Find the MACs associated with those addresses, using “arp”. Check which manufacturer those MACs belong to. That might help you identify the addresses.
    Do you have any devices in the house other than the computer and the router? Smart TVs, tablets, that sort of thing?

    arp -a
    should list all the IP devices that it knows of. You may need to ping the address first.

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