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Solved Hack Sonicwall Password And Leave Configuration As Is

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Hi All-

We have a Sonicwall that contains our firewall, but the admin that maintained the firewall left our company sometime ago – and we can not contact him… I am the new IT System Administrator

I was wondering if there is any way to get into the sonicwall without having to re-config all the routing tables (I know there is jumper to reset that will wipe everything clean, but we are really not in a position to do that).

I have console access – but no console cable yet not sure what kind I need.

Basically, I am looking for either a hack into the sonicwall or some program that can get into their so I can reset the password.

Any ideas?


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    Supposedly, that’s ^^ the way to do it. However, there may already be a backup of the config somewhere called sonicwall.exp

    If there is, you can do the reset & import the settings back again.

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