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Find Button Within Excel Spreadsheet

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Could anyone tell me how to create a button within my excel spreadsheet that will automatically bring up the “Find” window?


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  1. I don’t know enough about Forms to help out with that portion.

    There are lots of places on the web that could provide instructions. Google around to see what you can find.

    As far as the Find button goes, if I were you, I would include instructions on how to add the Find icon to the toolbar. As I outlined in my previous post, the steps are quite simple. If the user can’t pull down a menu and drag and drop an icon, well, what can I say.

    Can they press Ctrl-f? That will bring up the Find box.

    If you really want to add a custom button, then you’ll need a Macro. You’ll also need to make sure that Macros are enabled on any machine that will use this button. If they are not enabled, then you’ll need to provide instructions to the user as to how to enable Macros. If they are able to follow those instructions, then they should be able to follow the instructions to add the Find icon to a toolbar, which would then be available in any and all spreadsheets they open. You’d be doing the user a big service by teaching them something new while making the Find icon available whenever they need it.

    All that said, here’s your button:

    1 – Press Alt-F11 to open the VBA editor.
    2 – Click Insert…Module
    3 – Paste the following code into the pane that opens.

    Sub MyFind()
    End Sub

    3 – Close the VBA editor
    4 – Create a shape in your workbook or on your form.
    5 – Right Click and choose Assign Macro.
    6 – Locate MyFind in the list and double-click
    7 – Back in the spreadsheet, click anywhere to deselect the shape
    8 – Mouse-over the shape and the cursor should become a link-finger.
    9 – Click the shape

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