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Example Of How Algorithms Is Used In Excel

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I would like to see how algorithms are applied and used in an excel spreadsheet. I would like to see a simple example if possible.


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  1. I still don’t know know what you mean by “apply the algorithms to a spreadsheet”.

    What do you mean by “the algorithms”?

    Are you asking how to enter a formula in a cell? e.g.

    =IF(A1>0, “Yes”, “No”)

    Are you asking how to use VBA (a macro)? e.g.

    Sub SumAccount()
    'Sum Range and Format Cells
    On Error GoTo done
     Set MyRange = Application.InputBox("Select Cells To Sum", Type:=8)
        With ActiveCell
          .Formula = "=sum(" & MyRange.Address & ")"
          .Font.Size = 8
          .Font.Bold = False
          .NumberFormat = "#,##0"
          .HorizontalAlignment = xlRight
       End With
    End Sub

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