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WAN Subnet Conflicts With LAN Subnet

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I’m trying to connect two routers a Cisco DPC3825 (r1) and DIR-655 (r2) and at the end getting the above error. i have disabled the SPI firewall on r1 and connected an ethernet cable lan to lan between the two. i don’t want to confuse with whatever the mess i have done previously, just plz tell me step by step what i should do to connect these two routers, i would really appreciate it. bunch of thanks in advance 🙂
PS: in addition, the gateway ip of r1 is with subnet mask of and the gateway ip of r2 is with subnet mask of r1 has a ip range of to while r2 has range of to


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  1. Given those ip address its clear you don’t understand NAT [network address translation].

    A simple rule you need to remember.
    Each wan and lan subnet has to be differnet for NAT to work

    So if of r1 WAN is with subnet mask of
    than its LAN needs to be subnet
    in turn this means
    r2 WAN is and its LAN is

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