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New HP Notebook / Unexplained Chirping/Beeping Noise?

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I have a new HP Notebook which I got 4 days ago and it is inexpilcably beeping at random intervals. If I had to describe it, it sounds like a chirp or like a muffled, short alarm clock buzz. It only does one beep (except 5 minutes ago when it did 2 beeps consecutively), it started out at 5-6 beeps per hour and seems to be increasing slightly. I can’t really tell where exactly the sound is coming from but it is not the speakers (which I have on mute) and I can’t tell what conditions are triggering it.

I’d love an explanation for it, I’ve tried searching online and plenty of other people have reported a similar problem with HP laptops but they never seem to find a solution. Even HP support never seem to come up with an explanation or a solution.

I tried bringing up the BIOS and starting a Hard Disk Self Check, I did a quick one (15 mins or so) and a thorough check with took about 6 1/2 hours. The Hard Drive passed both tests. Ditto Memory. I’ve also tried updating all the drivers on the laptop and checked its temperature and that all seems fine. I don’t know if it is related but I was having problems with my Disk Usage, which was between 95-100% when I wasn’t doing anything, I think I’ve resolved that now. The notebook seems to be running fine now and my only problem is this odd beep.

Any suggestions much appreciated.


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  1. I am quite sure it is the hard drive, based on what I’m reading online. It could be that drives with some firmware versions are affected but not others. I’ve found this to be an interesting read:…

    One part I took particular notice of is this by a person who owns two of these drives but with different firmware versions: “I pulled up HDTune and was horrified to find that the drive has an extremely high Load/Unload Cycle Count (2000+) after only around 3 days of use. The other USB drive only has readings in the low 100 and also did not make any chirping noise.”

    I have also used HDTune and my Load/Unload Cycle Count is also quite high considering everything is new and it has barely been used.

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