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Solved Can’t Format Or Delete Files From SD Card

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I’ve been trying to remove or edit files in my SD Card, when I delete a file I got no errors, I can create files in my SD Card too, but when I unplug it and plug it again, nothing changed, the old files are there and the new ones disappeared… Then I tried to format it, directly in Windows and from the command prompt in windows, I got this error from the command prompt “Invalid Media or Track 0 Bad – Disk Unusable”.

I tried with Ubuntu, it said it had formatted the SD card, but again, when I plug it again the files were still there… I’ve tried with some “low level format tools” with the same result, NOTHING happens… I know many of you would say “just throw it away”, but I cannot, it’s not mine and I must return it (even damaged) once I remove the data, if you have a way to completely damage the card from my computer (forget the magnet and the microwave) then that would work too…

Please, please, please your help, really, I’m begging you, please… =)


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  1. So you’ve got to return it, ruined or not, and you don’t want your data on it.

    Did you try Rex’s link above?

    A low level format ought to do it. What you’ve tried may just be a zero-fill utility. You might look for something called MAXLLF. It’s an old dos based low level format tool from maxtor. If it can recognize the drive it should work, although I have my doubts it will see it. If you do use it make sure you know which drive it’s formatting. You don’t want to LLF your hard drive.

    Other than that, a good static discharge on its contacts may be enough to ruin it. Or put it in a camera and try formatting it using the camera’s utility. Or just buy a new one that’s exactly the same, scratch it up a little like it’s been used and return that one.

    Oh, check my # 6 here:…

    Reconfiguring it so the computer sees it as a regular drive may allow you to format it in the normal manner. I haven’t tried the utilities I lnked to there so can’t speak for them.

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