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Setting Up DOS Laptop (Old Toshiba Satellite)

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I picked up an older Toshiba Satellite pro (435CDS) which had win98 loaded on it, but it was a real dog. The laptop has an attachable floppy drive, and a built in CD ROM drive, plus 2 built in PCMCIA slots.
I figured I would turn it into a nice DOS machine, to run my old DOS programs and work on all my old files on diskettes.
So I formatted the hard disk and loaded DOS 6.0 on it, then some nice DOS utilities and software.
Now I am wondering how I can access the CD ROM on there, as well as the two PCMCIA slots?
Was Windows required to do that, or is there a set of drivers or whatnot to get those peripherals to work with DOS?
The Toshiba support site has some Windows drivers but not much for DOS.
Did I make a mistake in formatting it for DOS, thereby losing access to the CD ROM and PCMCIA slots?
I want to use the laptop mainly for text entry (it has a lovely keyboard) and can save documents on floppy, but I have some flashdisk PCMCIA cards I’d like to use, and would be nice to access the cdrom for some uses perhaps.
ANy help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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  1. Card and Socket Services is Licensed Software…….

    This is an older version of C&SS; for 16bit only PCMCIA Controllers, (you have not stated wether or not the PCMCIA is 16bit or 32bit CardBus):…

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