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A Standalone Database??

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i want a database software similar to that shown in movies with high graphical user interface…
The software should work only in a standalone ie offline..
Purpose of usage : store some text data in the database with better security.
plz tell me if you know..It can also be a command based one….


2 Answers

  1. Maybe an old database. A command line would not have a graphical interface. Standalone – maybe password protected.

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  2. Microsoft Access would do the job. It is standalone, it can store text as well as other stuff and it is password protected and can be as graphical as you want to make it.
    The password protection on Access is not 100% secure. It can be circumvented if you know how but it will keep out the casual prowler..

    But as wizard-Fred says, graphic user interface and command lines do not belong together.

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