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Solved Can Someone Help Fix a DHCP Error On a Kindle Fire OS?

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Amazon kindle fire OS IS having an issue connecting to the wi-fi in my home. It keeps displaying DHCP ERROR. Wasn’t doing this before the newest update. PLEASE can someone send me in the right direction to fix this. Thanks in advance.


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  1. Sounds like there are a rash of issues with this one.

    Amazon is aware of the issue. One of the ways you can get around it might be to set a static ip address up.

    IN Wifi settings:
    Press and hold the Wifi you are connected to> Modify Network
    Scroll down on the window the pops up>Show advanced options>Set IP Settings to Static>Scroll down to IP Address.
    This field should be prepopulated (in grey writing) with your current IP.
    Write it down so you can remember it.
    Now type in the IP in the field.
    Gateway should be prepopulated with the gateway IP as well
    Same for Network prefix length – should be 24
    Set DNS 1 to and
    DNS 2 to
    Press Save
    Restart your Kindle


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