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DBAN/Chkdsk fail, can't load XP
Summary: I'm trying to reload XP so that I can upgrade to 7 with my upgade disc. When I try to reload XP from the install disc (any disc, it turns out, I've tr...

compaq presario sr1630il Win XP installation
Summary: I am trying to install WIN XP, but after booting from CD system shows message - "system don't find any harddisk connected." But i have checked BIOS wh...

Installing XP under special circumstances?
Summary: Hi, I think my XP is infected with a virus that no AV can remove. I can not remove it manually too. So, I want to delete all of the Windows XP folders...

how do i find out which windows component are
Summary: Recently my step daughter wanted to play pinball. When tried to go, it flashed on sceen and went off. Sooo, I went to add or remove windows components...

Hard Drive not detected on my PC
Summary: I just want to share some solution to the problem below; ------------------------ THE PROBLEM: ------------------------ I got an Acer 4736Z laptop re...

Had a Ghost Disk corrupt on install - Dell In
Summary: My wife let me have her older Inspriron after she bought a newer one. I had the system ghosted after an install of Windows XP Media Edition years ago...


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