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Windows 7 - Front
Summary: Hello everyone, Ok so I had this working with Windows XP. I HAVE to have Both my Front Jack (For speakers) and my Rear Jack (For Wireless Headphone St...

my Sony Vaio laptop doesn't work
Summary: i already bought a sony vaio e series laptop and suddenly when i press the power button it doesn't work although the CD room opens and the lamp of the...

domain to workgroup
Summary: So.....He's my problem, i don't know if its just me but this is confusing the ell out of me..... I got a computer from a hotel and it was connected to...

Will a Athlon 2600+ CPU work in Presario 6435
Summary: Ok I have a Compaq Presario 6435cl. It is a desktop by the way. It has 1GB memory and a AMD Athlon XP 2200+ 1.8GHz, 256K Cache, 266MT's. I want to upg...

Batch to Create a Protocol of File Delivery
Summary: Hi there, I was wondering if is possible to create a batch that can indentify when a file or files is or are moved to a folder called for example REOP...


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