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[Solved] Cannot Install Adobe Flash Player, All Tips To No Avail
Summary: Hello everyone, I am having an issue with a Dell Inspiron E1505. A couple of days ago, the computer wouldn't boot up properly. Every time I attempted ...

My mac doesn't detect anything that i plug into it
Summary: My mac doesn't detect anything that i plug into it- in the end i sometimes find the file of the thing in files but it takes for ages to find , im runn...

HP Pavilion DM1 Windows 7 laptop won't start
Summary: I i have a pavilion DM1 and i turned it off and left it home when i went on a vacation to hawaii and when i came back i pressed the on button to go pl...

Laptop not turning on!
Summary: I tired turning on my laptop today, and nothing is happening (its a 2010 Dell Insperion). The power button isn't working, nothing turns on. When i pl...

my pc doesn't recognise dvds / games
Summary: my dell optiplex gx270 has recentley stopped recogining DVDs and Games. it plays CDs fine, but DVDs / Games don't show up. ...


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