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[Solved] how to run windows apps on linux?
Summary: is there any way to run windows apps on linux? I don't have money to buy windows and I have a lot of PC software's that's for windows.. I really need ...

[Solved] Lite version of Zorin OS under 700mb?
Summary: I really need a lite version of zorin os under 700mb, even if its an older version, or may be some unofficial re edit of it. below 700mb for the sole ...

[Solved] how to install wine without a internet connection
Summary: i am running Ubuntu 13.04 and i do not have a internet connection but i want to install software from a disk using wine and i need to install wine and...

how do i select a sound card driver when using wine?
Summary: i am trying to play an old backyard baseball game using wine, and it opens really good, then i get to a point where an error comes up saying no sound ...

how do you get wine working on damn small linux
Summary: wine for dsl without apt-get ...

Will WINE do the trick?
Summary: I thought of changing my OS from Windows Vista into Ubuntu Desktop 10.10. As we all know, Windows have some lagginess problems in their OS. That's why...


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