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[Solved] Cashe on shared file
Summary: Hi all I have a shared directory on a windows server 2008 , thath contain my Java application. The users can run application by Remote Desktop...

Create bat file to run mstsc/delete files over 200 days old?
Summary: Hi, I need to create a batch file that will open an mstsc session to a live service box (running Win2008) then automatically delete any files containe...

Log On Through Remote Desktop
Summary: Hi, I've recently installed a Windows Domain, with a Single Windows 2008 R2 64 Bitserver as a Domain Controller, with around 90 Windows 7 64 bit deskt...

Estimate FTP time to transfer files
Summary: Hello, I am working on a script that zips files and splits them all to 100MB. I am also wanting to FTP them all after the zipping. I have that part ...

Migrating windows 2003 to 2008
Summary: Hi, I have recently upgraded the RAM of my server from 4Gb to 8GB. Earlier i was using Windwos 2003 Standard which only supports 4 GB RAM. No i am pla...


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