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I can't access hardware outside windows98
Summary: how can I rewrite my autoexec.bat file, my cd-rom/sound card does not work in dos I have no setup disks for them. Computer locks up (mouse fails) aft...

win98 prints from dos not from explorer '
Summary: 'error-two way communication with printer cannot be established' 'error writing to lpt1' ...

Burn Win98SE Bootable CD as multisession?
Summary: Hi, 1)I want to create a Full-fledged Windows 98 Second Edition Bootable disk, with which if inserted into CD Rom and pc booted as CDROM as first boot...

Install Win 98 from external cd-rom drive?
Summary: Hi, i've just bought myself an old Compaq Deskpro so I can use an audio system (Soundscape) that needs an ISA slot. The Compaq has been wiped with no ...

I need Win98SE Q236934 Update Download
Summary: I need Win98SE Q236934 Update Download Electrostatic Discharge Disables Devices Plugged In To USB Hub ...


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