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[Solved] Ram Drive and Hard Disk performance?
Summary: I was wondering if anyone knows why this situation is occuring when I set up a large RAM drive. I have 256 MB of physical memory. I have set up a ram ...

PC reboots with network driver installed
Summary: Upon installing the official driver for a D-Link dfe-530tx+ Windows reboots the computer when I attempt to load it. Upon "net start" during DOS bootup...

XP Program Manager (Win 3x Progman.exe)
Summary: Is there anyway to use the Program Manager in Windows XP and show the groups as icons, rather than as minimized windows, clarified that the program I'...

Summary: I'm trying to run Windows 3x under MS-DOS 7.10 which was patched with W3xstart (windows 98) with support for NTFS drives (NTFS4DOS), but when I load N...


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