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Why did Samsung NP300E5E Laptop screen go white?
Summary: today I was working on my Samsung NP300E5E Laptop, and the screen suddenly turned white, I tried to reboot, it was still white, I couldn't see bios or...

[Solved] Computer boots up with white screen! Please help!
Summary: Computer boots up with white screen! Please help! I'm 99% sure this is a virus. I was STUPID and accidentally installed something. Here's the story: 1...

How to fix my washed-out monitor
Summary: My monitor suddenly became very washed out, or everything is pretty white. There are a few lines of green down my monitor, and I can't read anything v...

Laptop Monitor Problem
Summary: Hallo everyone, My nephew just slightly hit the monitor of my laptop and it instantly went white. Started passing some grey thin lines and grids. Ever...

Canon BJC-1000SP printer prints white ink
Summary: hi, i have a canon bjc-1000sp printer that works like a normal working printer but it's just spits out paper clean, as if it has printed the paper wit...

Dell Latitude ATG D630 laptop DIsplay problem
Summary: Hi, my Dell latitude d630, used to give me problems from quite some time, the display used to flicker, the text would be up and down, i have an Nvi...


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