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Creating an input web page
Summary: Okay, I am wanting to design a web page where the rest of the people that work with me can go there, and basically fill out the necessary things for a...

[Solved] Message from Web Page pop ups
Summary: I keep getting these pop ups that say something like Message from webpage state the web site im on then say somethings wrong on the page. I can only h...

Unable to load certain website (mypoints.com)
Summary: I am unable to load mypoints.com. This seems to be the only site I can not load.I get "Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to mypoints.com" I can vi...

Linking a web page to a specific excel tab
Summary: I've researched but had no luck finding an answer. I'm trying to create a link on a web page to an excel file that targets a specific tab. Below are e...


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