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I want help on buying a web cam.
Summary: I want to add a web cam to my desktop. I have a Dell 4400 running Windows XP SP3 (build 2600), 1gb ram and an NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400 graphics card....

built in webcam driver not detected?
Summary: I'm using a Toshiba that is running windows xp professional x64 edition. I see the lens of the web camera above the screen, but when I go to the cont...

Acer laptop built-in webcam stopped working
Summary: My Acer 5738-6969 laptops web camera stopped working all of a sudden. I tried reinstalling the drivers but it is not helping whenever I am clicking th...

can i use a video cam with 480 ram
Summary: I just want to use it to make phone call and see my grandkids. Looking at a lifecam but they say you need more than I have for requirements. Can I ge...


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