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WDS server 2008 standard Installing Image Problem
Summary: I have configured DHCP, DNS, AD on server 2008 standard edition.. I intended to use it for WDS deployment. i installed the WDS role but whenever i try...

Make WDS Automatically Approve Unknown Computers.
Summary: Greetings all Is there any way to make “WDS” (Windows Deployment Services) automatically approve unknown computers in pending device list? I need...

[Solved] Which AP and antenna to use for wireless bridge (3 APs)
Summary: Hello! I would like some recommendations on which hardware to choose for my network. What I will need is 3 access points that can act as a wireless br...

Connecting two routers to one modem
Summary: I am trying to make another wi-fi access point in my home office. I currently have a Linksys WRT160N hard-lined to my modem. However, I want to connec...

Wireless Router Bridge (WDS) multiple issues
Summary: Hi, I recently purchased a couple of Wireless Routers (SMC SMCWBR14-G2) that configured as a WDS bridge. The setup is pretty simple: Connected one t...


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