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WD MyBook 4TB not getting power? Can I save files off it?
Summary: I have a 4TB MyBook and didn't set up any kind of security. The problem I'm having is I unplugged it for two months while repairing/replacing a compu...

AC adapter for WD MyBook WD1600i032
Summary: Do you know where to buy a replacement AC adapter for this? Thanks. AC adapter for WD MyBook WD1600i032 ...

Cant rename delete move anything on WD MyBook
Summary: I have a Western Digital MyBook external hard drive [don't remember how many GB] and I've had it for a few years, four maybe, but for no apparent reas...

Cannot see WD mybook network drive on network
Summary: Hi, I have an iMac computer with the latest Snow Leopard OS as the main computer, this is connected to an airport extreme, which in turn is connected ...

Can't Safely Remove USB 2TB WD MyBook HDD
Summary: I'm having frequent failure in safely remove my WD My Book Essential 2TB. It says the device cannot be stopped right now and try to stop again later e...


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