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[Solved] Is my psu to low voltage
Summary: I just ordered I pentium d for my server it was on a pentium 4 but that's not the point when I plug it in after the upgrade the fan slowly revs to ins...

power supply question
Summary: Is it possible for me to run a 450 watt video card with a 350 peak watt power supplie? i just got a ati radeon x1900 xt and thats what it calles for. ...

Will this PSU fit in my computer?
Summary: I have a hp pavilion a4327c with a 250 watt power supply which is an ATX-250-12z and I was wondering if this (link below) PSU is compatible and will w...

watts vs amps
Summary: why do ppl say that the wattage on a power supply for a graphics card doesnt matter as much as the amps u get on a single or dual 12v rails? i have a ...


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