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[Solved] auto start ubuntu like windows task scheduler
Summary: Hi On windows i can use windows task scheduler to automactically wake up pc and run task. can this be done on ubuntu 11.04 without WOL(wake on lan)? t...

[Solved] pc waking up way before scheduled task
Summary: hi guys i am running a server which i want to hibernate at 10pm and startup at 10am. I created two tasks in windows task scheduler one hibernates pc a...

PC sometimes fails to post or wake from sleep
Summary: Quite simply; If I try to wake up the PC from sleep within 2 minutes of putting it to sleep, it will fail to wake properly 100% of the time (lights an...

Unable to resume from Windows XP Sleep States
Summary: My laptop is an HP Compaq Presario with AMD Turion 64 2.0 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 80GB HDD using Windows XP SP3. I was able to restart/standby/hibernate the la...


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