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Core Multiplexing Technology (Enabled vs Dis)
Summary: Please Tell what Intel Core Multiplexing Technology does? They say that Multi-Core Systems can act as a Single Powerful Core. # What is the DIF...

The iPad is no laptop
Summary: The text quoted is from abc.net.au / "The iPad is no laptop". Because it is too large I copy the link here if you want to read the article. http://www...

2.8GHz vs 2GHz 64bit
Summary: I figure that if a 64 bit processor can process 2 32 bit instructions at the same time the 2GHz processor is comparatively looked at as 4GHz (faster t...

Core2Duo vs QuadCore
Summary: guys,I am planning to equip my PC with a new processor and thought of asking for your guide.. I read a few articles and found no clear answer. Is it t...


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