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sudden voices without running programs
Summary: please help! i have a hp vista and ive had it for almost one year. all of a sudden the internet explorer starts and shows ads fron different sites, th...

voice changer
Summary: what are some good free voice changer downloadable programs? ...

BluRay movie plays with all sounds, but voice
Summary: Hello, I have played a DVD and 2 different BluRay movies in the formats of .mp4 & mkv and I have not been able to accomplish getting voices to happen....

Windows 7 Audio Problem (specifically voice)
Summary: For some reason when I try to watch a movie I can hear all the music and sound effects, and sometimes a voice if there is a narrator telling the story...

I sound like on helium.How to change the tone
Summary: When I talk on my computer mic it sounds like I just had helium or lik a chipmunk. I want to sound normal but I can't find where to chang the pitch ...


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