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[Solved] can not open WAV file for voice mail
Summary: I can not open WAV file for voice mail from my Magic Jack phone. The files come in as an attachment to an email. They are named msg0007.WAV. When I cl...

[Solved] Removing account on Nokia Lumia 920
Summary: My granddaughter got to my new Nokia Lumia 920 before I did and now all my Calendar reminders are going to her email and voice mail accounts. ...

can't setup voice mail on my phone
Summary: I waited to long to setup my voicemail on my motorola droid x2 and now my phone won't let me can you help me. ...

1 of 4 computers has a bot how can I fix them
Summary: Comcast sent me a voice mail told me 1 of 4 home coputers has a bot on it. I have Norton Security Suite from Comcast. I dont even know what a bot is. ...

Would you report this illegal request?
Summary: Possibly a hypothetical situation, possibly not... Bob, Mary and Karen work for a firm that provides care for clients with a certain type of disabilit...


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