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[Solved] I can't find possible list of broadband connections
Summary: on my laptop. I have set up Vodafone broadband at home router. It hasn't asked me for a security number or password. I did have the Interpol virus...

[Solved] Tec Jpg Conversion from Android to PC
Summary: Pls explain to me how to convert .tec to .jpg. The tec. pictures are taken with an Android Alcatelle mini designed for Vodafone. Many thanks in advan...

vodafone idle mode slow down speed
Summary: How can i prevent my Vodafone usb stick device to enter in 3G mode when the network is very low usage or not at all. If i open google for example, it ...

default gateway off
Summary: default gateway turned off and laptop running need help am useing vodafone dongle ...

default gateway is offline. how do i fix this
Summary: hi, im using windows xp on my laptop and use a vodafone mobile broadband prepaid usb modem. i have been usiong this for over a year with no probs b...


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