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1866 patriot viper ram shows up as 12800 in cpuz
Summary: CPU-Z SCREENSHOT SHOWING PC3-12800 1600MHZ RAM INSTEAD OF PC3-15000 1866MHZ Have I been scammed by Newegg? ...

How to overclock Patriot Viper RAM?
Summary: I have patriot viper ram, 16GB (2x8GB), 1866MHz and want to overclock. Windows experience index says 7.8 on RAM and I want it to say all 7.9 (which is...

I need drivers for viper 770
Summary: need driver for diamond Viper 770 running xp ...

viper anti virus slows down my network. I ha
Summary: is Viper anti virus the best for my network - windsow 2003 upgraded - purchased viper for 10 comuters. programs lock up or take 10 seconds or more to...

Viper will not go away
Summary: I downloaded sunbelts Viper Anti-Virus program, and now the program will not uninstall from my pc. The program is no longer showing up in Add/Remove. ...


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