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[Solved] WB opens in Protection View after update to Windows7
Summary: We're being updated from XP to Windows7 and one of my users is now unable to open an Excel WB that he created. Prior to his update, it opened in Exce...

Checkboxes missing in Folder Options - View
Summary: Hey, this is an odd one, wondering if anyone has seen this before. About a week ago, I had a driver error. I updated the driver to the latest version....

photos wont show up- momry card full
Summary: I need help...8GB of holidays on memory card wont show up on the SD card in my computer. It says no file- yet my sd card when in camera says full...bu...

Windows Vista screen changed
Summary: i recently uninstalled, i believe it was called "ATI Catylist Install Wizard/Manager". As i did, everything i see on my screen widened or zoomed. It k...

after pc crash/repair cannot view photos
Summary: I have been running Microsoft picture it for 10 years and very familiar with the software package. After a pc crash and repair the software runs but ...

email invisible view--no sender or subject ID
Summary: For 3 or 4 days my Outlook e-mail has been coming in at the usual pace, but all I can see of it is the word "none" in the received column. I have the ...


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