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Pop-up reminder by using Userform
Summary: I have pop-up reminder that show row by row the due date within 15 days once workbook is opened. The pop-up reminder msgbox have "OK" button only and ...

Data Entry Search Via Vba
Summary: Hi I have build a user form via vba in excel 2007 using instructions mentioned in the site Nw i want to incorpo...

Excel VBA - combobox list that is indirect
Summary: Hi, I have 2 combobox list in my userform 1) Persons Name 2) Stores assigned to that Person I know how to have the 2nd dropdown box be indirect from ...

Userform Run-time Error
Summary: I have created a "Certificate" template at work. When a project is done, we issue a certificate to the customer. The template works as follow: The wor...

Vlookup on a Userform with Textboxes
Summary: Hi! I am trying to make a userform where I enter a 6-digit code in TextBox1 and as soon as I enter the last digit, I want its corresponding Item Na...


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