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Monitor with VGA used with HDMI converter can't detect pc
Summary: My monitor with vga + hdmi converter worked at first, but right after I took the plug out and replugged it the monitor can't detect my pc, but it can ...

Please insert a disk into drive ONLY for Far Cry 2
Summary: Hi! :) Here's one of the weirdest problems I've encountered in Windows XP so far: I have a problem which I really don't understand, and I've tried sea...

windows doesn't detect some audio CD's
Summary: hi everyone i'm collecting audio CD's of my favorite bands and i've got quite collection by now. earlier this morning i went and bought 2 brand new CD...

8 Gig Moskeyto key Undetectable
Summary: OK so I just recently bought this flash drive and was trying to move some files from my Mac (OS 10.6.5) to my PC (Windows 7). It ejected itself and th...

ATI display driver isn't recognized
Summary: I recently just did a full system recovery on my computer and was gaming on it last night. Everything was working fine then all of a sudden when i tur...

i cant find my graphics card river after form
Summary: Prior to reformatting the computer the 3D software -Unity- ran normally on it. After reformatting, the software wont open and it says that it is lacki...


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