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[Solved] Cannot log into Windows. Cannot get into the UEFI BIOS
Summary: Have a dual setup on a PC with Win 10 installed on an SSD first and later Linux mint installed on a second SSD. This functioned well before. Now to lo...

How to install Win10 UEFI x64 from USB
Summary: Hello, I have a Medion Akoya S2218, after a Windows Update corrupted my OS somehow I had to completely wipe the laptop and start again. I have current...

[Solved] Clearing CMOS Doesn't Reset System Time (RTC)
Summary: I've recently discovered this quirk of my Asus A68HM-PLUS mainboard: I wanted to install an OS on my computer so I jumped the CLEAR CMOS pins and popp...

[Solved] Moving to UEFI from BIOS
Summary: My laptop currently has Windows 10 installed in Legacy Mode with secure boot off. I want to format this current installation and do a fresh install of...

Why can't I boot to a clone image with UEFI?
Summary: This tablet is driving us nuts. The USB port broke some solder joints and wasn't holding a USB plug very well(still works at a specific angle). We ord...

[Solved] installing windows on OEM SSD - cant find drivers
Summary: Hey all, I'll try to be as specific as I can, not super tech saavy when it comes to fresh installs on systems. I bought an OCZ agility 2 OEM from newe...


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