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[Solved] 4 Computers Go Down With The Same Problem
Summary: Hello All, I have a very unusual hardware problem. It has now affected its 4th computer. The problem is this: when I turn on my laptop for the first ...

Laptop keyboard Auto type qqqqqqq. No viruses detected
Summary: Hello, My LAPTOP auto types qqqqq after some time intervals. This is very annoying specially while chatting or entering passwords. My anti virus progr...

New Windows 7 Compaq laptop Cursor jumps around - help
Summary: I have a new Compaq laptop, when I type the cursor keeps jumping around. It jumps back 10 spaces, goes to a different paragraph, goes up or down - wit...

[Solved] words and letters jump around in messages
Summary: I jasked this question buust This above is an example of my problem. I typed, "I just asked this question" and the line of text above is what appeare...

how do i change laptop keyboard settings?
Summary: when i type fast (the only way i can type) the keyboard activates short cuts. example: internet explorer opens new tab pressing "t" twice; word proces...


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