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[Solved] Need Batch file to edit text.
Summary: I have 2000 metadata text files which are improperly formatted. I need to reformat it. here is an example of the data: ImageWidth: 8160ImageLength: 10...

PDF's turn into TXT files
Summary: I save a file as a PDF. Sometime later (days, weeks, months) the files change to a TXT file. All the words are still there, in a scrambled order, but...

Batch Input From Txt File
Summary: I'm try to write a Batch that with will look on my hard drive and find a file with the date in it. and open that file and copy the text out of that f...

append txt files and format data
Summary: Hello, i have thousand txt files called "Posizioni_Number1_Number2.txt", eg. Posizioni_2160_004.txt. The numbers are always multipliers of 4, so surel...

add/delete text in txt files with batch
Summary: hello, i have a lot of txt files with this layout: TextTextText number number number number whith a lot of number lines and a bad form...

save to each line of a .txt file from .bat
Summary: Hello, i am currently making something from a batch file and i have it ALL worked out the ONLY thing i cant do is save to each line. i can get data...


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