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Excel 2000 LARGE text fields display number-signs
Summary: In Excel 2000, Cells formatted as text with lots of content 1) do not wrap, 2) do not truncate. They just display as #######. Column width adjustmen...

Trancate the files in windows
Summary: Hi I have a requirement to truncate the files in windows. Files are like c_data_bin_file1.xml c_data_bin_file2.xml c_data_bin_file3.xml . . . I want t...

korn shell read command truncate spacing
Summary: I have problem with Unix korn shell read command: >cat myFile.log This  is a      test with random   &n...

Truncate the line
Summary: Hi all, I am trying to truncate the line and write it to the other file Here is my req input.txt ------------- RelativePath="..\ExCommon\AbstractEdita...


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