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No Keyboard Detected, but all 3 of keyboard's LED lights a
Summary: Hello, Today, while I was deleting a file on my computer using the Shift + Del command, my computer let out one long beep, and the display (and the k...

Picture folder in
Summary: Hi Im on Windows 7 HP. this suddenly happen maybe after defragging. My files in my Picture Folder (Libraries) appears on my Document Folder (librarie...

how do I change my display settings trouble?
Summary: (it wouldn't let me finish my question it's meant to be troubleshoot windows 7) HELP every time I try changing my display troubleshoot in advance, it ...

Sudden increase of unmovable files in defrag
Summary: Hi, this may seem silly to some of you, but it is worrying me. (I have had enough troubles that the least little thing makes me worry.) The main probl...

Wifi connection problem.
Summary: Wifi connection working on one computer but not on this one. It was always working perfectly up until this morning. the laptop wont detect my wifi o...

Wrong IP/ Cant connect to the internet
Summary: Hi, I'm trying to connect my router (dlink DI-524) threw my DSL Roderunner modem. I've hooked many routers up before, but with Dlink I'm stomped. Pr...


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