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How to recover AutoCAD DWG file ?
Summary: Tried to recover bak file, but there is no bak file in temporary files. AutoCAD didn’t recover the file itself. The version is 2014. There migt be...

Unable to install Linux or Windows on Acer M3640
Summary: Obtained Acer M3640 with q6600 CPU, Bios version R01-A3. Former owner stated that original disk has been disposed due to a crash. First hardware check...

Trouble merging 2 files (+math) in AWK
Summary: Hi All, I have two files (file 1 and file 2) that I need to merge and do some simple operations on, but the results are not what is desired. The first...

Updates wont download
Summary: I have a Mac iBook G4 and most websites such as facebook and twitter and even youtube . Either doesnt work at all or if i am able to go on the website...


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