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[Solved] Virus redirects, tons of adds. disables your whole system,
Summary: My Windows XP, has either a virus, worm, I am not sure what it is and this is my first experience for my computer to be invaded, it is not fun. Micro...

Saves as keeps popping up and I can't stop it
Summary: Due to the variety of software that is being affected by the same problem I am sure I have an infection on my computer. Every time I open Word or Pho...

My PC is Full of Viruses,Please Help my PC.
Summary: Nothing works normally,my pc slow downs a LOT,continuously restarts,stops responding everytime,task manager regedit disabled by administrator,AVG show...

18,000 Trojans?
Summary: Hi there, I have had my laptop for about a year and have been running Zonealarm and the free version of Malwarebytes for a few months. My computer w...


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