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[Solved] How to have excel rank teams based on win/loss record
Summary: Column a team names rows 29:34 Column c wins rows 29:34 Column e losses rows 29:34 Column g rank rows 29:34 ...

my fifa 14 world cup mode is not working
Summary: on fifa 14 world cup mode it wont let me play matches and I'm annoyed because I have spent over 500K on packs and I've got a great team now so either ...

[Solved] How to convert EXE to Bat file?
Summary: Hi Team, Could you please help me to convert .exe file (converted from .bat) to .bat file? Thanks in advance. Regards, Bala ...

Issues faced when software product is migrated to win2k8?
Summary: Hi.. I am from a Quality Engineering team. I just wanted to know what are the issues that user face when an application or a product is migrated to wi...

[Solved] Need Excel to return value based on multiple cells & values
Summary: I have created a bonus plan for my team. It has 3 factors that could reduce the value. If all 3 factors = 100%, they get 100% of bonus. If an...

[Solved] I want to Avoid duplicate email ids in excel while importing
Summary: I have data base email ids and our team is collecting email ids .Original excel sheet kept by me and duplicate excel collected by my team (members 8) ...


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